Agricultural production

To produce quality tobacco in the quantity necessary to satisfy its customers, CTA-Continental undertakes innumerous actions that portray its administrative vision toward environmental issues, aiming to improve life quality for rural families.

Utilizing the most modern agricultural production techniques allied by a relationship based on respect, trust and friendship, CTA-Continental's field technicians provide technical assistance to growers according to their needs.

The company utilizes high technology seeds, internationally approved and not genetically modified, which yield high productivity and disease resistance, thereby decreasing the use of agrochemicals on the crop.

The easy-to-use float system is utilized for seedling production, substantially reducing costs and usage of agrochemicals.

Maximum care regarding soil protection through techniques such as direct planting, minimum cultivation, soil covering, tilling, terracing, etc is recommended during field technical instructions. Growers are instructed to use agrochemicals only when extremely necessary and in the recommended quantity.