Social benefits

CTA-Continental firmly believes that a company is made, above all, of people. Through social benefits, it gives more and more priority to the life quality of the working environment and sees to it that each one of its collaborators receives adequate conditions to carry out his or her task.

Concerning health, CTA-Continental offers ambulatory care, medicine and medical exam rebate plan, dental and health plans. CTA-Continental's collaborators rely on the company's own dining hall and basic food basket. Other benefits such as group life insurance, employee bonus program, transportation and arrangements with commercial establishments are also offered to collaborators.

CTA-Continental has a nursery and pre-school for collaborators' children, plus arrangements with public pre-schools.

In 2003, CTA-Continental's long-time dream of building a club for all of its collaborators and their families came true. The CTA Club has swimming pools, volleyball and soccer courts, ballroom, playground and barbecue areas.

CTA-Continental further provides a recreational area and chapel so that collaborators can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments in the company. Children's Day, Christmas and Easter festivities for collaborators and their children are some of the events promoted by CTA-Continental.