Program for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities – “CAPACITAR”

CTA - Continental is a company that holds the spirit of social responsibility in its roots and recognizes the importance of its role in building a more dignified and just society for all.

The company’s conduct is outlined by its actions toward developing people, focusing on their personal and professional fulfillment, through events and benefits that provide better quality of life for everyone.

To reinforce its social responsibility principles, and also to be in accordance with Law no. 8213 of 24 July 1991, also known as the "Quota Law", CTA-Continental has the “CAPACITAR” (EMPOWER) program. This program, targeting the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), has the objective of integrating them into a productive and pleasant working atmosphere, stimulating exchange of life experiences between employees while making society aware of the issue, so as to minimize preconception and enhance general understanding of the productive and socialization capacity of PWDs.