If you could summarize 2022 in one word, what would that word be?

Our word would be recommencement.

Recommencement of encounters, smiles, and embraces.

Due to the pandemic, we have been through many trials in the last years. We know that it was no different with you and your family. But looking back, we realize something that makes us proud: even in the face of challenges, we were always together!

We regularly say that CTA-Continental is a company made of people. And we say that with conviction. It is the people who make our work environment so unique and our days worthwhile.

For these reasons, we would like to thank all our employees, customers, and friends for another successful year! Without you, none of this would have been possible.

We wish that the upcoming year will be filled with health, peace, and love.

Happy holidays!

National Week for People with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

The National Week for People with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities, developed by the National Federation of Apaes (Parents and Friends Associations of the Exceptional), has been taking place since 1963. The purpose is to bring inclusion to deliberation, motivating society to overcome barriers.
Capacitar, CTA's inclusion program for people with disabilities, does more than just bring learning to people with disabilities. Its goal is to actually hire these people so they can contribute and feel professionally fulfilled.
Through training of leaders and making other employees aware, CTA Continental provides a productive and pleasant work environment with exchange of life experiences.
Inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities requires adaptation. And we know that the challenges to be overcome are great for both sides. But it's worth it. Just look at their achievement, at the development of empathy of those who have the opportunity to work with them, at the contribution of people with disabilities to a better and diverse working environment, and to a more humane future for all of us.

National Day Against Slave Labor


Work comparable to slavery is characterized by forced labor, exhausting work hours, degrading conditions or debt bondage.
January 28th is the date dedicated to this subject, mobilizing society and raising awareness about the consequences of work similar to slavery, which leaves both physical and mental repercussions in its wake.
Through our Human Rights Commission and established Policy, we consolidate our good management practices to promote decent and productive work, in respectful and free conditions.

The International Human Rights Day


The International Human Rights Day celebrates the official recognition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by the United Nations (UN), which took place on December 10th, 1948.
The right to life, liberty, personal security, equal protection before the law and against all forms of discrimination are some of the articles that make up the declaration.
It is everyone's role to participate in concrete actions to guarantee the civil, political, social and environmental rights of the entire population.
At CTA Continental, through our Human Rights Commission and formalization of the company's Human Rights Policy, we consolidate our good management practices in promoting people's rights.