Processing and products

CTA Continental has a modern tobacco processing plant composed of three processing lines. All lines are equipped with dust removing system, which improves air quality and makes the working environment cleaner. The processing lines are also equipped with advanced industrial automation systems and supervisory software for process control. CTA Continental has modern Quality Control facilities in order to guarantee product quality and fully meet customer requirements.

Since 2003, the company promotes the Clean Tobacco campaign with the purpose of eliminating the presence of foreign materials, thereby further increasing the quality of its internationally recognized tobacco. The campaign covers all stages of tobacco production, processing and transportation - from agricultural production to the loading of finished products to the most diverse parts of the world. In addition to this campaign, the company adopts a series of preventive and awareness measures for correct product handling.

Nossos produtos, produzidos com Tabaco Estufa Virgínia, Tabaco Galpão Burley e Tabaco Galpão Comum:

- Strips;

- Hand Strips;

- Loose Leaf;

- Butted Loose Leaf

- Wrappers
- Bundles

- Stems and fibers;

- Small lamina and fines.