CTA Continental is a company that carries the spirit of Social Responsibility in its roots and knows the importance of its role in building a more dignified and just society for all.

Activities intended for people development, focused on their personal and professional fulfillment, is an important characteristic of a company that values its employees through events and benefits that provide better quality of life for all.

Due to its principles of social responsibility along with being in compliance with Law 8133 of July 24, 1991, also known as the "Quota Law", CTA-Continental has the CAPACITAR - Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities, which aims to integrate them into a productive and pleasant working environment. This promotes exchange of life experiences among fellow employees while raising Society’s awareness of the matter so as to minimize prejudice and broaden perception of the productive and social capacities of the disabled.

Leadership training, awareness and education encompassing employees and their families, suppliers, public and charitable organizations and general community, make up part of the actions carried out by CTA Continental.

Production Assistant - Professional Learning Course

CTA Continental, in partnership with Ciee and Apae of Venâncio Aires, carried out the professional course of "Production Assistant" for people with disabilities. The course started on 08/26/13 and aimed to promote the professional qualification of people with disabilities in order to qualify them for the job market. The graduation ceremony was held on 01/26/2015, at the company premises. This is another activity of the CAPACITAR Program.

Please view the video containing participants’ testimonies of the Production Assistant course, about each one’s feelings in relation to the work carried out at CTA Continental. Click here watch the video.