Social Benefits

CTA-Continental is convinced that a company is, above all, made of people. Therefore, the company increasingly prioritizes quality of life in the workplace and ensures that each of his employees receive, through social benefits, adequate conditions to develop their activities.


In the area of health, CTA-Continental provides a medical clinic, medicine rebate plan, dental plan and agreement with health plans. In addition, employees are provided with on-site cafeteria and food card for use in supermarkets. Other benefits, such as group life insurance, profit sharing program, transportation and agreements with commercial establishments are also offered to employees.


CTA-Continental offers the Mary Lebus Vaughan Nursery and Preschool for employees’ children and also agreements with other preschools and schools.

In 2004 the company accomplished the old dream of building a club for all employees and their families. The CTA Club has swimming pools, volleyball and soccer courts, ballroom, playground and barbecue areas.


CTA-Continental also offers an ecumenical chapel and leisure area, so that employees can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments within the company.